The Largest Collection of Works by Women Artists in Private Hands


LYLA HARCOFF (1883-1956)
Oil on canvas
21 x 17 inches

While women have painted, sketched, and sculpted works of art for centuries, many were deprived of visibility and representation. Their contributions were often subverted and overlooked by their creative communities in favor of male colleagues and collaborators. When academics cemented the history of the artistic movements these women helped build, their voices were minimized or excluded altogether.

Understanding this absence, the family behind this Collection began assembling works exclusively created by woman artists; twenty years later, the Collection has grown to be the largest privately held collection of its kind in the world. It represents a chorus of global voices spanning from 500 BC to today. The collection includes artists from all seven continents, bringing forward essential perspectives from a broad range of artists, crucially from marginalized groups that only recently have begun to be acknowledged and celebrated by the artistic establishment.

These works demand to be seen, studied, and experienced by the next generation. Myriad themes emerge throughout the Collection to both delight and provoke the viewer, challenging us to simultaneously reconsider our understanding of art history and the ongoing role of women in society—ultimately suggesting the work still left to be done.

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Doug Woodham is the Managing Partner of Art Fiduciary Advisors, a NY-based firm focused on providing art-related financial consulting to collectors and institutions. Earlier in his career, Doug was President of Christie’s for the Americas and a Partner with McKinsey & Company. He is also the author of the best-selling book Art Collecting Today: Market Insights for Everyone Passionate About Art (2017).