Advise on the sale of art

  • Understand client’s need for speed, privacy, and family/trustee involvement
  • Assess alternative sale methods and techniques for increasing the value of the artworks
  • Resolve any authentication, condition, and/or restitution issues
  • Negotiate sale agreements with auction houses and galleries to obtain best financial terms and marketing promises
  • Manage the overall sale process on behalf of the client

Develop legacy plans for art collections

  • Review how the collection fits into a client’s overall balance sheet
  • Clarify short, medium-term, and long-term collection goals, including liquidity needs   
  • Model financially sensible collection disposition plans 
  • Discuss choices and set a course of action
  • Negotiate promised museum gift agreements and/or near-term sale agreements

Assist in refining a collection

  • Understand history of the collection and the client’s goals for the future
  • Review the value of key objects and client’s emotional connection to them
  • Pinpoint potential changes in the collection and the best ways to implement them
  • Set a course of action and implementation game plan