Planning for the future of an art collection can surface difficult questions about family goals, taxation, and whether and how to be generous to family members and institutions. For artists, the issues can be even more complex because it involves thinking through what to do with their work, archives, and personal legacy. Doug Woodham provides clients with legacy planning advice associated with their art collections, including helping them to assess alternative disposition strategies and then to oversee implementation. He does this by combining a thorough understanding of how the art market works in practice, with his financial knowledge and business acumen. He works seamlessly as a fiduciary alongside a client’s existing team of tax and legal advisors.

Doug Woodham served as President of the Americas for Christie’s. Earlier in his career he was a partner with McKinsey & Company working with asset management and wealth management firms in the U.S., Europe and Japan. He is the author of the best selling book Art Collecting Today: Market Insights for Everyone Passionate About Art, published in April 2017. The book received outstanding reviews in The Economist and the London Financial Times, among other publications. 



“An intelligently written and insightful book on the art market, this fascinating read is relevant to both newcomers and seasoned collectors alike. I know of no other comparable book. It’s an instant classic.” 

Don Marron, Trustee and President Emeritus of the Museum of Modern Art, and Chairman and Founder of Lightyear Capital